User Experience Audit

Minimum effort data-driven user experience insights and actionable recommendations for your website to unlock the value you have already paid for.

With UX audit you will find out what keeps your customers from completing a full purchasing journey.


of all website traffic leaves the site without completing the most desired action – conversion.

Why do you need a User Experience Audit?


Your website doesn’t reach its goals
Whether it is sales, generating leads, providing information, or strengthening your brand image; your website is an investment, and every investment has to deliver a return.


To optimise your website and user engagement
Make sure your website delivers on its goals. UX audit helps to drive more and larger sales, decrease bounce rate, grow e-mail lists, generate leads, increase content consumption.


To improve paid advertising results
UX improvements lead to advertising actions that pay-off. If your cost-per-click is rising but ad quality score is low, it’s time to think about what’s wrong with your site. Your money can do more when UX is right.

UX improvements lead to better marketing results

Paid advertising is #1 priority for up to 61% of companies as main inbound marketing source to generate traffic and leads (

Based on our advertising testing we have consistently found that better landing page user experience leads to better Ad quality score and up to 50% more search impressions as well as improved conversion rate.

What will you get?

  • User journey analysis and alignment with your business goals.
  • Detailed reviews of website forms, landing pages, product and checkout pages.
  • Heatmap, clickmap and scrollmap analysis.
  • Usability test – we will design custom testing scenarios, recruit a balanced sample of users and run a live test.
  • At least 15 recommendations and design mockups for improvements.

Our partners who benefited from UX audit

How does it work?

  • Briefing
  • Research & Analysis
  • Report & Recommendations



We discuss your website’s goals, objectives and prioritize them using our methodologies. This stage provides clarity on the goal(s) of any optimisation.


Within 3 weeks
This stage allows us to analyse the situation from multiple angles, looking at both the hard data and observing user behaviour.


During the 4th week after start

A comprehensive report with recommendations for further actions and implementation plan highlighting biggest bottlenecks and priorities.

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