A driven team that lives for your digital success

Evolvery launch team, 2018

It’s a story about how a one-man SEO agency grew into a business accelerator.

It all began in 2008 with one guy who was very passionate about SEO. He decided to start a company and, very humbly, named it SEOPRO. A couple of other digital ninjas joined forces with him soon afterwards and the company quickly lived up to its name.

We could have stayed perfectly happy living in the keyword world but we were a little bit more curious than that. We kept on adding more channels like PPC and CRO. Eventually, we reached the point where we were able to create and implement successful strategies for all channels.

At some point, there was a natural shift where we would take a client and create not just a PPC, SEO, CRO, or Content strategy but at least a couple of them. We realized that we can only truly help our clients reach their full business potential if we create holistic strategies and work with a channel mix. This is how, in 2018, Evolvery was born. Why “Evolvery”? Because we are the place where digital business evolve.

Now, with 15 years of experience, we create complete strategies that take all the channels into account and even go beyond digital. We are not only evolvers to our clients that have mastered their art. We are also strategic advisors. But, most importantly, we are partners.

Today we act as a digital accelerator for our clients – we kickstart business growth and provide tools and expertise that enables the business to maintain momentum.

Our values

We believe these three qualities are the answer to our success. We are:


We love being the first ones to make new discoveries and put them into practice. We don’t do the same thing over and over and expect different results. We always question the status quo.


Living in an era of constant change in digital, you must be able to adapt or you will be left behind. That’s why we always strive for flexibility.


We don’t just work for our clients, we become a part of their teams so we could create real value through digital. We evolve together as partners.

Expert tools to deliver success

To achieve the best results we combine expert knowledge together with enterprise level digital marketing tools such as:

Year we became a digital agency
Kick-ass evolvers
30 +
Combined years of digital marketing experience
100 +
Clients we've helped succeed
1000 +