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Fueling the marketing funnel with the right content

Toggl Hire case study

Toggl is an Estonian startup with three digital products – Toggl Tracker, Toggl Plan, and Toggl Hire – under its umbrella. Toggl Hire is a skills-based hiring platform that helps companies screen, evaluate and hire amazing people through practical skills assessments. The platform’s mission is to help hiring teams shift from CV-based to skills-based recruitment.

The Challenge

Since the Toggl brand is quite famous globally, especially for Toggl Track, the client generates a lot of traffic to the global site, leading visitors to the different Toggl tools. Some of the visitors land on Toggl Hire.

The client has a blog dedicated to all three products (Track, Plan, Hire).

Our initial goal from the content perspective was to review all the content created by the Toggl Hire team (about 150 blog posts). Most of these blog posts were written just as the product launched and focused on the top of the funnel, the awareness stage, so they attracted a high volume of traffic. Still, a good number of readers who found the blog via search were looking for information and had no buying intent.

Our job was to help analyze the existing content, traffic, conversion, and ranking and recommend ways to optimize it.

The truth lies in the process

Toggl Hire is a B2B platform. Through keyword analysis, we have revealed that the competition with B2C solutions is exceptionally high in the context of keywords. Here, we faced yet another challenge: how to stand out, be perceived as a B2B solution, and be evaluated as the alternative when choosing the hiring/recruitment tool? Looking into the online sea of B2C providers, the client had a few critical painful questions: what are the topics that could help us reach a B2B audience, and what content should we produce to be findable for those who have an intent in buying or testing a B2B hiring tool. Our most significant task was to audit all existing content, show competitors’ tactics, and find a way to rise above the competition through relevant content. In this case, we were seeking to land right in the middle of the marketing funnel with the client’s content, so it is not only generating traffic but also converting.

Our most significant task was to audit all existing content, show competitors’ tactics, and find a way to rise above the competition through relevant content.

Empowering topics that already work

While looking for the best content strategies, we have realized a few essential aspects to have in mind: identifying the right audience and prioritizing topics. 

First of all, we were segmenting content according to the target audience. This means phrases and keywords assumingly used by HR managers, team leads, and other decision-makers when looking for recruitment tools. 

Recommendations included a few prioritized content directions, like major keyword gaps, feedback content, and strategic recruitment. The prioritized directions were proposed with detailed instructions on where to start and how to implement them. While analyzing possible solutions, we also used Google Analytics data. Though we could not explore a broad scope of data, we realized that particular page templates and topics of existing content are already working much better than others. For example, strategic recruitment converts a few times greater than pure product information, so we recommended the client stay on this path to reach better results. In other words, if the content already works, there is no need to reinvent a bicycle, only to expand and invest more resources.

We have analyzed the existing content that already converts at a high rate and the potential of keywords with relatively high search volume though low competition to build content tactics that can bring converting users to the site

Marketing funnel state of mind

Our approach to Toggl Hire was not a standard way of how we usually do things. Regarding the project’s challenges, the greatest way to structure was to think about the marketing funnel and its stages. The marketing funnel logic allowed us not only to structurize the overall process but also to help the client understand the value of the proposed solutions, for example, how the different keywords work in various stages of the funnel, what their ultimate goal is and what kind of content is essential in different stages when trying to stand out along the B2C competitors in the organic search.

Nothing becomes worth writing about in a world where you can write about anything. To stand out, you need to focus. The Key result for us was the clarity of three critical focus areas for content development—this way, we defined how Toggl Hire will deliver valuable and relevant content to their users.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the Evolvery team. They have gone above and beyond to deliver on the brief and took a very open, educational approach to explaining their insights and findings. Since implementing some of the proposed changes, we have landed several high-ranking positions in search and will continue going in that direction.

Justė Šemetaitė

Marketing Lead at Toggl Hire