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Growing through testing

Topo centras case study

Increase in revenue 1.2M

TOPO CENTRAS is the largest home appliances and electronics retail chain in Lithuania. TOPO CENTRAS is a member of one of the world’s largest trade alliances, Euronics International Group.



Consumer electronics


250 – 500

Creating value through collaboration

One of the biggest lies you have ever heard is that CX is the business of those who deal with customers directly. Customer experience is the greatest business for everyone in the organization as different perspectives and experiences help to create the complete picture of the customer journey and, more importantly, give birth to the ideas that can be turned into actual actions or tests, in our case, that leads toward solid growth.

Win or learn

The ultimate goal of every business is to ensure constant growth. When talking about e-commerce businesses, increasing conversions means better business results. However, a better conversion rate is impossible without lasting improvement in the end-user experience. Our goal was to maintain a long-term partnership to develop a customer experience that generates greater conversion through constant testing. In this case, a lasting partnership means a lot – we were able to run more tests, check more assumptions, and learn not only about our client Topo Centers but also about its client and their behavior. The result of this all – is the ability to create the additional value that manifests through business growth.

Turning ideas into hypothesis

When working with Topo centras, we acted as a part of the internal e-commerce team, gathering and endorsing sharing ideas, thoughts, observations, and reviews to turn them into hypotheses to test. Hypothesis allowed us to have a structured, straight, and methodic starting point to move forward with finding out if assumptions make or do not make sense. Our shared end goal is to help answer business and service department questions and solve customer support problems.


Hypothesis allowed us to have a structured, straight, and methodic starting point to move forward with finding out if assumptions make or do not make sense.

Testing: revealing the nature of customer choices

Be friendly instead of demanding

Hypothesis: Based on Expert Insights analysis, we noticed that the primary CTA on the product page holds too much pressure by saying “Order.” In contrast, best practices say that users are used to “Add to cart” and then decide based on delivery time, price, etc.

The hypothesis is that by seeing more friendly CTA wording “Add to cart” (instead of forceful “Order”), users will tend to add to the cart easier. This will lead users further down the funnel (closer to the checkout), which will positively impact overall CR.


  • Monthly Revenue Change: €310.792.32
  • CR Change: +9.70%
  • Total Sessions: 407.243
  • Total Transactions: 3.731
  • Total Duration: 15 Days
  • Statistical Significance: 99%

Let you customer search…and find

Hypothesis: During the Hotjar analysis, we observed that 51% of clicks on the Homepage are done on the Search bar. Based on Google Analytics analysis, we found that users who search for something on the website tend to convert nearly three times better than the ones without a site search.

The hypothesis is that by showing “TOP Search phrases” (on search bar click action), users will get intrigued by what other users are searching for. This will lead users to the most popular product categories, influence users’ purchasing decisions, and positively impact overall CR.


  • Monthly Revenue Change: €241.867.78
  • CR Change: +6.32%
  • Total Sessions: 802.078
  • Total Transactions: 6.438
  • Total Duration: 14 Days
  • Statistical Significance: 99%

Fighting the crowdedness of Homepage

Hypothesis: The Homepage looked too crowded and overloaded with banners, while Hotjar analysis showed us that the flags are barely clicked. As we noticed on previous tests that TOP searches and trending products attract users, we added a section just below the main header showing the Most popular product categories within the last 14 days.

The hypothesis is that by showing the Most popular categories just below the animated slider, we will visually break the crowded area with ads and incentivize users to check the categories that attract the most (what other users were buying), which will increase overall CR.


  • Monthly Revenue Change: €246.047.34 
  • CR Change: +15.91%
  • Total Sessions: 189.729
  • Total Transactions: 2.217
  • Total Duration: 14 Days 
  • Statistical Significance: 99%

Cashout process – smooth and clear

Hypothesis: During the Hotjar analysis, we have observed that there is lots of engagement with the top bar of the navigation in the mobile environment. While in every step of the process, users keep returning to the previous stages of the purchase. 

The hypothesis is that a less interactive-looking progress bar will not distract users and allow them to complete the purchase more quickly. Future steps are grey, while past ones appear “completed.” 


  • Monthly Revenue Change: €225.160.10
  • CR Change: +6.66%
  • Total Sessions: 21.965
  • Total Transactions: 3.766
  • Total Duration: 15 Days
  • Statistical Significance: 99%

Do not ever hide the discounts

Hypothesis: While live user testing, we have observed that users encounter difficulties noticing and comparing discounts. Few users mentioned not even seeing the value.

The hypothesis is that a more prominent discount label and straightforward discount communication will allow a higher conversion rate.


  • Monthly Revenue Change: €59.685.63
  • CR Change: +3.93%
  • Total Sessions: 511.508
  • Total Transactions: 10.252
  • Total Duration: 21 Day
  • Statistical Significance: 98%

Highs and lows

Every project has its grey areas where changes are essential, though it is challenging to make them. For example, there are areas in the client’s web where testing is forbidden due to the massive resources required to solve those issues. On the other hand, a long-term partnership allows us to deeper understand the code, internal processes, forbidden areas, and the tempo of product development. This constant learning leads closer and closer to perfection.


During the two years, we have run 73 tests in total and faced some great success in increasing conversions:

  • 17 tests or 23.3% of all tests, have won
  • The average conversion rate of winning tests: +9.23%
  • The biggest CR of a winning test: 24.5%
  • One winning test generates 203K EUR per month, which means 1.2M EUR extra revenue in 6 months (one test generates additional value for six months or even longer)

It is incredible to experience the long-term benefits of a CRO program. We are delighted to gain insight into our customers. Every iteration brings something new to our understanding of what works and doesn't. We know that both of these are equally important.

Domas Gedvilas

Head of E-commerce Promotion Projects at TOPO grupė